I do believe it’s working. Thanks to @c @jeremycherfas @colinwalker @manton and others for advice and assistance. Baby steps pretty much completed! And to @sumudu for moral support. 🍷🎉

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  1. @vanessa 🎉 Looking good! I replied to one of your posts yesterday from my site, and it got parsed a little goofy on your end — not sure if that’s due to my microformats or the rendering. There’s always more tinkering to do on the indie web, I guess!

    • It did. I saw the comment but didn’t check it on the site. This one seems to have displayed just fine however. I’m writing this from my admin panel, so I have no idea what will happen to it!!

  2. @alans So I see. I originally replied to this comment from within WP so no idea what happens to that. Your latest comment shows up fine. Stretching the limits of my abilities now!!

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