Interestingly (perhaps), when I was tinkering earlier, I read through some of the functions.php for my theme (SemPress) and there seemed to be code in there to add a post number as a title to a post that didn’t have a one. Hmm…

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  1. @stefp I guess as long as you have the original file saved then you can always put it back. But updates will overwrite, as I discovered the other day. Quite how I’d remove something in the parent file via the child, I have no clue!

  2. @stefp I probably ought to, but then there’s so much I don’t know it’s intimidating. Never used php, html, css, or pretty much anything! Mind you, I’ve learned a lot ftom people on here and in the Slack room.

  3. @jeremycherfas But in this case there is something in the parent that I don’t want to happen, so I have to negate its effects, which, I guess, is what the “remoe the title from status posts in the rss feed” bit is doing. Just ironic that the one thing I didn’t want is actually in the parent theme. If it didn’t add a title I wouldn’t have to remove it!

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