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  1. @vanessa there’s so much hype about the pen and I’ve been wanting to get it to see what all the fuss is about, it I can’t say the look really appeals to me (I’m more of a Sailor Pro Gear fan).

  2. @vishae I’ll let you know! So far, the only Sailor I have is the fude de mannen one. I’ve yet to dip my toe into the Pro Gear pond; I think I’d want to try one first, as I’ve read that the Sailor nibs are a bit love/hate. Not sure I like the 1911 shape.

  3. @devilgate Ah, bugger. Yes, ordered already. Mind you, some of the Amazon ones have a long delivery time, and they are coming from Japan. I’m ok with paying a bit more & getting it from a UK-based firm. Not that they have sent it yet (I have no patience where pens are concerned).

  4. @devilgate The only difference seems to be whether the nib is fine or medium. I don’t take any credit for noticing the difference. I’m not a member of the Pen & Ink contingent around here.

  5. @vishae I don’t know there’s a specific group, just a good few of us who like such things: pens, paper, pencils. Maybe we need to get a featured emoji-thingy like exists for books etc. ✒️ Though no doubt Manton could be inundated with such requests.

  6. @vishae I’m not a member, but I’m positive that @Aleen is and can probably tell you the secret handshake, if you qualify. She recently posted about having gotten down to just three fountain pens for her move. You should provide her with your credentials to gain full acceptance. Good luck.

  7. @smokey @vanessa @Burk Cool! But here’s a curious problem: How would we distinguish a tag referring to writing, and a tag referring to writing tools? Maybe all discussions about the product could be tagged with 📚 (or 📖, or even 📝), whereas all discussions about the tools would use ✒️ or 🖋 or 🖊 or ✏️ (and, for stationery/paper: 📃, 📒, or 📓)?…

    (Frankly, I think any fountain pen discussions should also use the tag 💸!)

  8. @rnv I can imagine quite a number of groups wanting to use 💸 to represent them, lol.

    @Aleen @Ron to apply for membership, one must answer this question, “what is the one fountain pen + ink combination you’d take to a deserted island?”
    And the correct answer should be, “but I never go anywhere with just one inked up pen…”

    //@devilgate @vanessa

  9. @vishae Ha ha. I’m going to try to be good when my Lamy 2000 arrives. I think that will then make 42 pens that I will have inked.
    As that’s the answer to everything, I’d better stick at that number. Any new pens inked thereafter will result in one being rotated out.

  10. @vishae I have some I use daily at work, some attached to my main notebook, so when I pick that up they are used there. Some are for drawing, but a lot are on a 4-week rotation for use in my nightly diary/journal. Multicoloured notebook.😀

  11. @Aleen @vishae No nothing official, but there certainly IS a Pen & Ink contingent here. I’m not a part of it, but I do enjoy reading the postings about various nuances of pens & notebooks. @Aleen is definitely the expert. Maybe there isn’t really any secret handshake, but there should be. Sometimes when I write, I suddenly realize my tongue has gotten stuck in my cheek again.

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