When I post from the Micro.blog app the post gets to WordPress with comments closed, so I have to edit the post and tick the box in the admin panel. That said, I’m not sure it prevents comments, so maybe it doesn’t matter too much. Such a n00b still.

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  1. @colinwalker I missed that (looks like you did it just before I showed up here, and it’s not mentioned in the bug)—but it seems like that code makes it impossible ever to have comments off, i.e., any time the post is written to the db, comments are forced on, rather than just when a post is created via XML-RPC. (“Seems” = I edited a post that M.b had made comments-closed when originally published, didn’t check the “Enable comments” box during editing, saved the updated post, and the post had “Enable comments” checked afterwards.) This is maybe not a problem for most use-cases, but the code’s effects definitely aren’t restricted to XML-RPC actions.

    I did some exploration when I first noticed the bug, and I think the XML-RPC checks described in this comment are what’s needed, but I’ve never had the time to wrap my head around it all and write/test it.

  2. @smokey You’re very probably right, in fact I’m certain you are. This was the quickest and dirtiest solution I could come up with so there will no doubt be issues. I’ll have a look at that link when I get the chance and see what I can come up with.

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