When trying to add a photo straight from my phone I keep getting invalid photo URL messages. I’m sure I’ve posted here straight from the phone before with a photo. Maybe not & it can’t be done…

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  1. @vanessa I’ve seen that before on occasion; I’ve attributed it to various communication issues between the app and my website (poor network connection, the fact my host has some sort of cache server that occasionally returns a 405 HTTP error and requires me to do hard reload when moving between pages of the WP Dashboard…). For me, trying again always succeeds (well, once I may have had to try twice).

  2. @smokey I gave up after twice – although at some point later in the day I found one of the original posts had appeared – which I re-did when I got in. All good fun!
    Next on my list: figure out how to post photos to Facebook using Brid.gy, as one hint I was given hasn’t worked.

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