I really wish broadband companies would be fair with their claims. “Up to 52Mbps, twice your previous speed”. In theory, but when they offered up to 26Mbps my estimate was 16Mbps and now it’s 20Mbps. A very loose interpretation of “up to” – and not easy to find out, either.

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  1. @odd I know what my current speed is – around 6.5Mbps. It’s more the fact that I keep getting “encouraged” to pay out more for”superfast” broadband which, quite simply, isn’t. Mind you, when they ring me, I amuse myself by getting them to test my line, and enjoy the “oh, ok”.

  2. @cn That’s what I thought – still waiting. Technically they aren’t wrong & neighbours get twice what I can. I think they took my copper wire on a joyride round the block.

  3. @vanessa My provider here in Oslo, Norway is giving me about what they say I get, but they just doubled the speed, and in their email they said “new free modem!”, but failed to include that they also raised the monthly fee by ~$15…

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