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  1. @Bruce A little enhancement surgery.😀 I do drink “proper” coffee, too. Monsoon Malabar is next in the queue, after I finish my Whip-ma-whop-ma blend. At least salted caramel diverts me from stress-eating chocolate. 😇

  2. @Bruce I think so, yes. It’s been one of those weeks – but then that’s nothing unusual. I have switched to Whittard’s loose leaf Piccadilly blend tea now. Soothing at bedtime.

  3. @vanessa Living a block from an amazing coffee shop in NYC turned me into a gigantic coffee snob. I did convert an assistant at one point. Her boyfriend didn’t appreciate the good coffee, so she made him buy his own. 😁

    Soothing bedtime tea sounds lovely. 🙂

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