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  1. @Eyebee Ha! Just down the road from me. I’m in Verwood, kind of between Bournemouth & Salisbury. Moved here from London 6 years ago and not a single regret. Well, I wish Dorset waa nearer to Yorkshire, but that’s all.

  2. @Eyebee That was a long time ago! There’s a significant lack of public transport round here. Even Ringwood doesn’t have a station, but at least it has National Express. I just love the scenery, the friendly people and, for me, the amount of music-making that goes on round here.

  3. @Eyebee Yes, it’s a handy service. Many a time I’ve been along that route, though from Victoria. It’s not a bad journey, most of the time. I’ll be getting the coach up to London at the end of August – attending a wedding, an Indian one, which will be fab.

  4. @vanessa It annoys me though that all of the coach services cost substantially more from Heathrow than Victoria though. Even those journeys, such as to Ringwood, Oxford or Bath that are shorter than from Central London!

  5. @Eyebee Yes, they do, don’t they. I noticed that. There is usually a cheap ticket to/from Victoria, but no reductions at all from Heathrow. And it’s sometimes quicker to get off at Heathrow & get the tube than trek into London by road.

  6. @vanessa Victoria Coach Station is such a pig to get to. A pain of a walk with suitcases from the Underground. I always feel is quite a seedy place too; much like Greyhound bus stations in the US.

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