So hot – for a country without aircon. Played for a wedding today & the church was so sweltering that the vicar passed out part way through the ceremony. Trooper that he is, he managed to resume after a while & get the marriage completed – phew!

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  1. @cn Yes, he was. I was in normal clothes and was dripping in the heat, so not surprised he suffered. Bizarre for a stone building to be so warm – can usually bank on a church being a cool, dark sanctuary!

  2. @cn Fairly full, but a small-ish village church (in Sixpenny Handley). Nice high ceilings, but a total suntrap, it seems. Plenty of space heaters there, but not a fan to be found. (Except the 3-year-old who was transfixed by my playing – soo cute).

  3. @cn True, that would be ideal. I saw that they want all new homes to have car charging points – I think solar panels should be compulsory too. Will have to sign the petition.

  4. @vanessa 🚘 charging points are in legislation being discussed, 🌤 solar panels should have been (probably years ago) 🙃

    Side note: yesterday’s meter reading was 3kWh higher than last month’s 😀

  5. @vanessa it’s fun when the OVO system gets worried that your reading looks low, when it’s a few kWh higher than last month 🙃

    Of course, there are always some who think that solar will add to new house prices and prevent purchase for first–time buyers; neglecting the fact that integrated rather than after–thought solar is easier to do…

  6. @cn Considering the relatively low cost of installation during building compared with the cost of houses, it’s almost academic nowadays. I’m surprised anyone can afford to buy a house!

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