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  1. @alans Thanks. I’ve had trouble setting up a micropub endpoint with my WordPress – the plugin doesn’t seem to work, though I believe it’s being fixed. I wanted to use Omnibear/Quill/Indiebookclub but haven’t been able to yet.

  2. @vanessa Being able to use Quill and getting a functional media endpoint made a big impact on me — particularly enabling posting from mobile. (Which of course you can already do with WP 🙂 ) I hope the fixes for the WP plugin are eventually helpful for you!

  3. @alans Me, too! I tend to post using the micro.blog app mostly. It does ok and I have a little plugin that opens comments for those posts. The WordPress app didn’t allow me to do something I wanted (post type, perhaps), so I don’t use it. Otherwise I post from the dashboard – not good on a phone. I’m well into things I really don’t understand now, so have to leave it to the Indieweb guys…

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