@stickmandiaries I have often thought about mine … and how it came to be I lived in a family that loved classical – but not heavy, opera likewise, jazz and those singers like the rat pack etc … no folk music, no blues per se and no pop .. at least ‘my’ pop … my main thread of music emerges from something I call English Progressive’ … I qualify because I am not big into Rush and Tool .., who are often thrown into the broader progressive bucket … and I think what attracts me to that is often little vocals .. not a big vocal person, layered soundscapes, complexity that actually emerges from simplicity …. and from those foundations I then move out to other places based on core involvement of the people I already was listening to … back in the day I was also heavy into the folk world – which was a great place for musical connections … take a look at Pete frame’s Rick family trees one day and follow someone like Fairpory Convention