Well that was sneaky: Twitterrific “update” turns out to be a whole new version and previous purchases no longer work to remove ads. I would have preferred to stay on the old version…

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  1. @vanessa Yeah, they did not handle this well. I would’ve glady paid money again for a ‘Twitterriffic 6’ app, either upfront or through a subscription, but having the existing app update and suddenly show large obtrusive ads just got me to delete the app and look at other clients instead

  2. @davidixon Same here. I’ve paid for previous upgrades, as I like the app, but the sneaky approach has sent me back to Tweetcaster Pro, which I bought years ago. I’m not sure I like the new Twitterrific design, either, preferred the old one.

  3. @vanessa I was disappointed to see that the update replaced my version. I had read the announcement and understood it to mean they were rolling it out as a “new” app, and I was happy to stay with my older, purchased version without the v6 improvements. Those new banner ads are really intrusive.

  4. @vanessa I heard the old version of Twitterrific may stop working on iOS 13 anyway, so this was probably the best solution out of a few less-than-perfect options. Get everyone on the latest version for free and hide ads for recent purchasers. Tricky problem because of how iOS upgrades work.

  5. @vanessa I’ve reluctantly gone back to the official Twitter app, and TweetDeck on my desktop. Twitterrific was my first Twitter app, and I have split my use between Twitterrific and Tweetbot ever since. But with Twitter pulling so much away from 3rd party apps, I finally left them. This thread is making me reconsider…..

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