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  1. @wfm Funny you should say that; I’ve photographed it so many times over the years and it wasn’t until I was taking that photo and my friend said “I love the smell” that I bothered to smell it. Totally gorgeous, isn’t it!

  2. @vanessa, part of the joy I get from being in the woods and wetlands is the exercise of all of my senses. I love the Springtime birdsong, the silent roar of the wind in the trees, the crunch and smell of decaying Autumn leaves underfoot, the rays of spring and summer light falling through the trees and the wonderful perfume of Spring flowers.

  3. @khurtwilliams Absolutely, all of those things. I’m lucky to live in a place which is surrounded by forest, including the country park where these photos were taken. We even have a small copse of ancient deciduous woodland about a 5 minute walk from my front door.

  4. @wfm Indeed, it certainly was. It had never even crossed my mind that gorse would smell, let alone so beautifully. I just love the smell of coconut (admittedly particularly when it is wrapped in plain chocolate).

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