Finally got to meet up with my brother again at the weekend, after ten months! So good to see him, plus he brought me the guitar he made me last year – sounds great and I love it!

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  1. @MrHenko I’m really pleased. He’s done a good job – and if I want to, pickups can always be upgraded etc. Clashes beautifully with my cherry red PRS SE Soapbar singlecut. 😂😇

  2. @MrHenko Not yet, I don’t. I’ll try to do some when I get the time to play it a bit more.
    I’ll post a photo of the PRS & tag you – don’t seem to be able to add one to a reply in the microblog app.

  3. @MrHenko Ok, so I don’t seem to be able to add any photos in the Microblog app, just get an error message. I’ll have to post direct to my website & probably won’t be able to tag you, sorry.

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