An actual blog post on here – I’ve got bored of putting the date so the entry gets across to other places as a status update. I have yet to add the piece of code to strip out titles from certain post types in rss and I don’t know how to hide the titles from status type posts in this WordPress theme.  All things on the to-do list.

I have installed and activated a few plugins, though: webmention, semantic linbacks and post kinds.  I have no idea what might happen as a result, but I assume that what has been done can be undone should I choose.

That’s enough for today; I have a shiny MacBook Air to play with and I’ve never used a Mac before so I’m having all kinds of navigational issues!

So it seems not even a “status” post works with WordPress. Be interested to know how people use the app to post to WP & have it show up nicely in both places!