Working my way through my Jethro Tull playlist. It’s 14 hours long, so I’ll be finished working well before it stops. Feels like a Tull kind of day. I know, wot no metal?!

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  1. @stefp Not even everything available on Amazon Music! Broadsword and the Beast is my favourite. Along with ELO’s “Time” it’s one of my comfort albums. Not my favourites, but they fulfil an emotional need at times.

  2. @cn Ahh. I don’t do Spotify, free or otherwise. Figured Amazon was good enough. I’ve not been listening to music while working much lately, which isn’t like me. Almost forgot how relaxing it is – I have music on overnight still, so no logic there.

  3. @cn What I really ought to set up is a means of being able to play all the music I have purchased. I have it uploaded to OneDrive & on removable drives, just need to figure out the streaming. Need some kind of media server I guess… Bit complicated for me.

  4. @cn @vanessa I’m an unabashed fan of Roon, but it doesn’t stream my library outside of it’s local network (e.g. my house). I haven’t found a solution to that either so I fall back to Tidal for streaming. I’m guessing something on my Synology will do it, but haven’t dug in yet.

  5. @jack Thanks, things to look into. I have Echo devices, so can play from my online library to mobile device and Bluetooth etc, but that’s clunky. My HiFi is very old, but I like what I have. I could maybe hook a Pi up to my A/V thing, but that loses the convenience of shouting at Alexa. Hmmm.

  6. @vanessa I have a HomePod but no Apple Music subscription. Weird, right?. I realized that I don’t choose music that way. I’m visual and prefer to scroll through a library or thumb through my records, so I don’t miss the vocal controls so much. A Pi would be fun, though, no? 🙂

  7. @jack I have a Pi B and a Pi 3 sitting unused, so maybe I should do something constructive with one of them. Even if just as a means of getting music to my speakers via my Yamaha media centre amp thing. My Nad is stubbornly old-school (& I still love it).

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