Oh good grief. Just had to evict a huuuuuge spider from the bedroom. Luckily it fit in the spider vac tube – just. Still, progress; time was I would have left the house and gone to sleep at my parents’ place. Can’t do that now; at least I feel I have to be brave for the puppy!

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  1. @Bruce I’m hoping she’ll do that in time. This was at the top of the wall though. I would’ve had to knock it to the ground and hope… And leave town if she didn’t catch it. Far too phobic for that, still. But it loois like last year’s counselling & CBT did me a lot of good!

  2. @Bruce They certainly are! This time last year I was a complete mess. Anxiety, grief, all sorts of things – basically a breakdown. I found a local counsellor & saw her for about 7 months. Came out of it so much stronger, though it was hard work.

  3. @vanessa I’m a few months away from my third anniversary at a residential psychiatric facility (it was an open setting before the pandemic, so it’s more like therapy is my job than I’m living in a hospital). Discovered some “fun” things along the way, like specific situations can prompt my unconscious to end conversations by making me mute for five or six hours. I have a much better appreciation for why folks used to believe in possession and how exorcism worked (I once froze during therapy and my therapist ordering me to leave at the end unfrozen my muscles).

    Brains, can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em! 🧠

  4. @Bruce Gosh! Hope you continue to make progress. I do appreciate the control my therapy has given me. I hate feeling out of control (mostly it was events beyond my control that led to my breakdown), so to regain some power to stop the random spirals was fab.

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